Siemens PABX in Laingsburg, Western Cape for sale

Computers and Parts

Note: A client - one wishing to sell, ran a 700 seater call centre using this switch, so the capacity is definitely there! The system was connected to 5 Telkom PRIs and also had 8 PRI connections to LCR equipment.
PABX Modules:
HiPath 4000 version 3 ? FULLY IP switch
6 x Gateways
3 x control modules
Additional Servers:
RTS ? Real Time Server ? since a call centre is a high call volume environment, a buffer is not sufficient, hence this server acted in the capacity of the buffer, queue-ing calls for processing by the Telephone Management System
CAP server ? this server served as the link between the PABX and the Recording System
Enterprise Server ? HiPath ProCentre Advanced ? as you know, the ProCentre is the Call Centre component. The Advance version has a host of additional functionality which the Entry level version does not. The system is licensed for 695 agents, so you would definitely not require to purchase agent licenses any time soon!
XMU Announcement Unit ? message recording for the Call Centre
DHCP server ?all the telephone instruments are IP, and the Siemens switch sat on it?s own VLAN
Telephone Management Server
Spare Server, spec?ed the same as the other servers
5 x Cisco 4506 POE Catalyst switches (2 x 240 port, 1 x 192 port & 1 x 144 port)
650 x IP telephones ? OptiPoint 410 Economy Plus
2 x Switchboard Units (Tower, keyboard, LCD, mouse)
DataVoice Recording Solution
5 x Orion Recorders
Each recorder offers a recording capacity of up to 240 channels per recorder
They accommodate a mix of analogue / digital and trunk recordings
The Orion platform is specifically suited to operate in hybrid voice networks, where there is a combination of IP and traditional telephones
Records ALL inbound / outbound / CTI recording
2 x Central Archivers & 2 X ARENA RAID
Collects the recordings from multiple recorders and writes to RAID Storage System
Archiving drives AIT or DAT tapes
Has 1 terabyte or data storage space
1 x Recorder Controller
This is the heart of the Orion Platform which connects to the PABX
Stops and starts the recordings (in conjunction with the PABX)
Sundries: LCD, mouse, keyboard
Please note that the Nexus SQL Servers and Nexus Application Servers, which forms part of the voice recording solution, is not part of the kit for sale as it is being used in their current location.